Asian Mail Order Brides – How To Enjoy Safe Dating Experience

In case you know something about online dating, you understand that today, one can find dozens of seemingly reliable and honest platforms for dating. However, with the increasing number of Asian women looking for foreign men, some dating sites are not as honest and effective as they should be. In particular, the concept of Asian brides is used to manipulate thousands of guys who dream of dating Asian singles. In this article, we are going to share with you a couple of tricks on how to protect yourself from dating scam and what to do to enjoy safe and effective dating experience with Asian women!

How to protect yourself from dating scam – useful tips

If you wish to find an Asian bride, you need to select a dependable and effective place that can offer you a wide diversity of Asian women. Our dating platform has been online for over 5 years, which makes us a reliable and credible place to search for your perfect Asian lady. We have a section dedicated specifically to user feedback that can prove our legitimacy and honesty.

So, you see that to protect from the scam, your first step should be selecting a decent site. Then, you need to review the prices and features offered on the site. Some options should be free of charge meaning that any member can test them out without the need to pay. Still, some premium options have to be fee-based, as it is the main source of revenue for the site. So, if a site has only premium features, it can be a scam, although not obligatory!

A quite useful tip for all guys who want to find Asian brides – do not pay for anything as long as you are not 100% sure that this site is suitable for you. Take your time – no need to spend money after a couple of minutes of using a site. We understand that it is quite difficult to resist the temptation of Asian women, but you will thank us later for keeping things slow!

Questions that can help you figure out whether you talk to a real person or bot

Let’s imagine that you are chatting with an Asian lady. She sends you a message after a message, and you are the happiest person in the world. However, her messages are not quite logical correct. Of course, language barriers are quite common among Asian singles, but here are things that will tell you that you are chatting with a bot instead of a real person!

  • our interlocutor ignores your questions.Very often, if you ask a complex question, your lady may show you that she cannot understand you, driving the conversation in a different direction. In case you have doubts about the realness of your interlocutor, try to rephrase your question or make it less complex. The best way to figure out who is your date is to ask a simple question that requires creative thinking. For example – ask your lady to describe you with a couple of words. A bot would not be able to answer such a question.
  • Your date asks you to send her money unconstrainedly. The very purpose of online dating bots is to either steal your money or force you to stay on the site in case you pay per minute of communication. Very often, your dates could tell you a tear-jerking story, asking to help them financially. Just ask them to tell more information about her problem – most of the time, a bot would not be able to tell you more. Thus, 99% of such cases you are dealing with a bot or a scam, and you should close the tab right away and never use such a site again!

Asian women with profiles that you should probably avoid

Nevertheless, there are also several factors that can make your Asian online dating even more effective and enjoyable. For example, decent and reliable dating websites cannot control all profiles of Asian singles. Therefore, you may find some profiles that are strikingly different compared to the rest of the profiles. We would like to tell you a few things about such profiles.

A profile with no information

Sometimes, an Asian lady may sign up on a dating platform, start filling out a profile, but then decide not to. Although such cases are quite rare, it still can happen. If you see a dating profile with no or minimum of personal information, do not write to such a woman. Her account might be not active but remain in the database, or she might be too lazy to fill it out. Either way, you would waste your time.

A profile with links to third-party sites

Although most reputable dating platforms do not allow posting links in profiles, sometimes, you may find them. In any case, never click on those links as they could lead to scam-sites that can steal your personal information or any other illegal and dangerous activity.

A profile with no photo

Men love looking at beautiful women. Of course, there is much more behind the cover, but the first impression is made based on the lady’s appearance. However, if you see a profile with no profile photo, it is impossible to have a positive first impression. So, we would recommend you to avoid such profiles, considering that a decent dating site would have plenty of other Asian women to choose from!

Top mistakes of inexperienced users of a dating service

Although online dating is pretty simple and straightforward, inexperienced members can make serious mistakes while using this form of communication. What is even worse is the fact that these people may not realize that they have made mistakes. Regardless of one’s experience in online dating, it is always beneficial to review a few most common mistakes of inexperienced users of a dating service!

  1. A not detailed profiles. Very often, men want to start chatting with Asian women, so they forget about filling out their profiles. It is paramount for a new member of the site to devote a few minutes and enter some personal facts. Such information will help Asian brides to learn about your life.
  2. Being too aggressive and pushing with Asian singles. While chatting with an Asian lady, remember to be polite and calm. Girls from this region do not enjoy communicating with overconfident guys, so you should take your time and be patient.
  3. Demand sexual content. Very often, new members of dating sites think that mail brides should send them some sexual photos or videos. Such services are not a part of online dating and can be immensely offensive.

Fraud and scam statistics and why our site is scam-free

Fraud and scam regarding mail order brides are not common, although there are sites that may have poor security systems. For example, at least 10% of all dating sites are a scam – they have no brides, and you communicate with bots. According to a research conducted to find out about percent of scams among customers of dating sites, more than 13% of respondents claimed that they had been scammed once.

Our dating site believes that scam and fraud should not be associated with the online dating industry. Therefore, we manually moderate every single profile to make sure that it is not only a real person behind the screen, but it is a real woman who looks like on her profile photo and who wants to find a decent and reliable date.